Our Fireman's hatchet is forged from solid chromium molybdenum alloy steel in North Carolina and heat treated to provide exceptional performance. These 2.5 pound axes were built for versatility as a one, or two handed axe capable of being worn on the hip in a secure leather sheath. The overbuilt pick end of the axe is hardened to penetrate through the hardest materials with minimal wear. These axes have been rigorously tested by Firemen to ensure that our axes can dependably perform in life saving situations. We have not tried to re-invent the wheel, rather we have brought it back with a "no gimmick" product fitted with 19 inch American hickory handles, and alloy steel out of Tennessee. Each axe head is secured properly and features a 5/16ths roll-pin through the side of the axe as a failsafe. Additionally, the top and bottom of the axe blades have a ground side bevel to aid in easier penetration, and easier removal from sheet metal, and other construction materials. The tenacious qualities of this axe make it an essential carry for any Fireman, search and rescue, SWAT, police, paramedic, or other life saving persons. 100% made in USA.


“I work at a smaller department where each fire fighter has to carry a tool on him. Having a custom axe built to Liam’s quality made for the best fire I could ask for. I’ve used this axe from structure fires to car fires with making access under the hood to cutting out a wind shield of a semi rollover. The axe was ready for work. Since I’ve carried this axe I’ve used it on 2 fires and it has performed nothing less than perfect. It’s an extension of my right arm. If I need to cut, rip, or just plain smash it’s ready. I take it back to the station wipe it off, oil it up and put it away. Ready for it’s next job. Thank you Liam for making such great axes. ” - Bill Johnston, Fireman