Pre-ordering Instructions

To place an order on our out of stock items, simply find the black "ORDER" button below your desired product, or click on the product photo to open a catalogue! The "ORDER" button will prompt you with contact information. Once we receive your contact information you will be contacted as soon as we can with an invoice for 50% of the items total price (Not including shipping). If the item's price is $50 or less we will take a 100% deposit, as these items have a much shorter lead time.  If the product is in stock it may be purchased directly with no wait time in our Store tab. Our axes and knives are also available through our dealers which may have products in stock. We do not take commissions. 
Due to our process of hand forging, and crafting all of our items there is a typical 18-20 month wait time to fulfill axe and knife orders. Each item is hand made! Three months from the time of your order, your deposit will become non refundable due to us getting closer to your order, and having outlay for time and materials. Once your item is complete we will be in touch for final payment before we ship to you. We thank you for your understanding and co-operation and look forward to delivering your order soon! We now carry axe sharpening pucks/stones under "in stock", "gear". Check them out! 

Click on the photo above to get a wooden LH axe phone case!